Acting exercises

Now that im a part of the "Rebelz" theatre group i can proudly tell people about my experience working with them.

Well you'll must be wondering about the title 'Acting exercises'. People who've seen "Joey" sitcom will understand what im talking about. Ofcourse my first day at rehearsal was nothing like that ;-).
As a trainer i've trained people on voice modulation and speech mechanism. However what these guys taught me was completely different and informative. The voice modulation exercises gave me confidence, then came the pitch, audibility, emotions, and most importantly clarity in speech.

There was a of technical learning too. How ones stance must be, body language, make up, lighting, props etc. However the one thing that i learnt from these guys was to interact with the audience while on stage. How to drive a point or a joke to the audience? how well a character is established etc etc.

Last but surely not the least the word "Ecstacy" made sense to me when i was acting and interacting with the audience. I felt it right through the show.

P.s. If u havent watched the "Acting exercises" click on the the below link


Lancelot said...

wat about the Double action and triple action sequence by Sandheep?